Maddie Fox

Maddie Fox (Shop Book Fox) KINDLE SLEEVE

Maddie Fox (Shop Book Fox) KINDLE SLEEVE

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Perfect for book clubs or for my people who just love the act of writing their thoughts out once they finish! Write your thoughts down on one of these aesthetic cards and then share them over a glass of wine, cup of coffee/tea, or whatever your drink of choice is at your next get together with friends.

These can also moonlight as a bookmark or a line runner if you love to annotate your books!

You’ll never have to stress again about forgetting to log your thoughts on Goodreads or StoryGraph again, because you can write them right on your bookmark! Leave in your book after you finish reading to refer back to if you ever want to recommend a book to a friend or reread, or fill one out (or leave it blank - do you!) and give it to one of your book besties in addition to a book as a gift for a special occasion!

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