Our Space


Our store currently has a large event space that we can rent out for birthday parties, wedding and baby showers, paint nights, book clubs, and more. 

Our Prices are below: 

Full Day Rental: $850 

Half Day Rental (4 Hours): $450 

By the Hour: $150 

Additionally, Book clubs can meet in this space if they are open to the public or if a private book club purchases 10 copies or more of the book they are reading. 

Rentals of this space include: 

  • Unlimited Coffee, sodas, and water for everyone in attendance (up to 20 people)
  • Wi-fi Access
  • Access to foldable chairs (we currently have 8 chairs) and tables (we currently have 3 fold up tables) 
  • Table Cloths (Black) 
  • Our Game and Puzzle Cabinet
  • All furniture and furnishings in our space


Office Space

 Our store currently has a small office available to rent by the hour or day, or in a chunk of hours that you can spread out throughout the month. This space is perfect for tutoring or virtual workers who want to escape their home for the day or a couple hours. 

Our Prices are below: 

Full Day Rental (8 hours) : $100

Half Day Rental (4 Hours): $55 

By the Hour: $15 

Chunks of time to spread out through the month: 

$100 for 8 Hours of time 

$150 for 12 Hours of Time

$200 for 16 Hours of Time

Additionally, other small handmade businesses can rent this space as a pop-up store for the day or week. 

One Day: $100

One Week  Tuesday through Saturday (40 hours) - $450

Rentals of this space include: 

  • Unlimited Coffee for renter only
  • Wi-fi Access
  • one glass desk and 2 pop up chairs
  • Add on 3 foldable tables and table cloths for $30 a day
  • Add on foldable chairs for $5 per day per chair

Vendor Tables

Our store is currently doing Boozy Bookfairs in store once a month and pop up vendor tables on Saturdays all day. We love working with independent authors and handmade businesses. At this time we are not taking small businesses that do not fit into one of these two categories. 

Vendor tables at Boozy Bookfairs rate $25 for the event 

Saturday Vendor Tables are $10 an hour and include the table and a black table cloth. 

If you are interested in being a vendor, please fill out this form: