White Rose Books & More is proud to support local authors. To have your book considered for placement on our shelves, it must be distributed by Ingram Book Group, the nation's largest wholesale distributor and our primary vendor for filling customer orders. When your book is available via Ingram, indie bookstores and Barnes & Noble can sell it on their websites. Books are also then available on, a large online bookstore that benefits ALL independent bookstores. Once on Ingram, independent bookstores can choose if they also want to purchase physical copies to stock in their store. 

At this time we cannot accept any books that are exclusively published on Amazon. You are welcome to apply to be a vendor with us and do a pop-up signing at one of our events that we are accepting applications for. Please contact to apply to be a vendor and for pricing information

If your book is already available via Ingram at a regular discount and fully returnable, please submit your information here to have your book considered for placement at White Rose Books & More.  If our owners feel that your book will be of interest to our customers, we will bring it in from Ingram. If we decide to stock your books at White Rose Books & More, we will contact you to let you know. If they do not sell within 3 months, we will return them to Ingram. We highly recommend sharing that your books are in our store with your own email subscribers and social media following so that they purchase from us so your books will not be returned.

If your book has already been published by a press other than IngramSpark, you or your press can contact Ingram (via IngramSpark) to ensure your book is in the Ingram database correctly. IngramSpark can log into your account and adjust price and returnability at any time. 

If you are interested in proposing a book talk or signing at White Rose Books & More, or have any questions please contact Erin Decker  ( or Tania Galiñanes (