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Wild Days: Outdoor Play for Young Adventurers by Richard Irvine

Wild Days: Outdoor Play for Young Adventurers by Richard Irvine

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Perfect for inspiring kids to get out in the fresh air, this brilliant book is crammed full of outdoor activities and fun for children.

"Wild Days' is so inspiring and makes you want to head straight out into the great outdoors! It's packed to the brim with fabulous outdoor activities, ranging from 'making' and 'exploring' to 'games and stories' whilst reminding and guiding you to behave responsibly outdoors - taking care of and learning about the world around you. It has some super handy guides on basic craft skills and tools as well as kit bag essentials! Some of my favourite ideas include: campfire cooking recipes (always searching for those!), bow and arrow making, make your own forest friends, houses for little people and pond dipping! There's definitely something for everyone . This book is set out really nicely with step-by-step guides and wonderful photographs of real-life activities that will inspire you to get outside."

-- "Home Play Learn"


"Forest school practitioner Richard Irvine has an excellent track record in producing inspiring books which introduce children to the great outdoors. 'Every day can be a wild day. The wilderness is not always on our doorstep, but little bits of nature can be found everywhere - whether you live in a bustling city or its suburbs, or close to farms, forest or on the coast. There are adventures to be hard in parks, on city streets, canal towpaths, riverbanks, beaches, woods, moorland and country walks. All that is needed is a bit of curiosity and maybe a guide like this book.' Packed with advice, useful tips and simple step-by-step instructions, all accompanied by superb photographs, this book will prove useful to novices and experienced outdoors-people alike.

-- "Living Woods Magazine"

"Wild Days is packed with ideas for families to get outside, have fun and be creative. While the emphasis is on fun, there is also plenty of essential safety advice and valuable tips on how to behave responsibly and respectfully outdoors. This book can help you create some magical family memories and inspire children with a lifelong love of nature and craft."

-- "Wood Carving Magazine"

Wild days is a gorgeous book for anyone who wants to get their kids outdoors. It's packed with nature crafts and other things to do outside with kids. The book is a really good size and is filled with beautiful and inspiring photos. There are step by step guides to different knots and various crafts as well as den building above. All step by step activities have clear illustrations or photos to show you how to do it easily. I love the mix of full colour illustrations and photos in this book. It's a fantastic guide to getting kids outdoors for all parents. I also love that my kids pick the book up if I leave it around and they will choose things to do. This book is a must have addition to bookshelves of parents who love spending time outdoors in nature with their kids."

-- "Lady Bird Adventures"

"Looking for more ideas on how to get your children or students outside? Take a look at Wild Days: Outdoor Play for Young Adventurers by Richard Irvine. This book is a wonderful resource for you to look at together -- and hopefully spark curiosity and inspiration within the young ones in your life. It starts out discussing how to prepare yourself to be outside with safety tips and items for your adventure pack. The book is very appealing visually and lists out each activity in a step-by-step process. It is separated out by Things to Make (nature diaries, smelly potions, nature crowns, twig picture frames, etc.), Games and Stories (I appreciate the article on how to prompt others to tell a story with cues.) and a section on Exploring (ponds, clouds, butterflies, other insects, etc.). If you find yourself looking for more, there is a wonderful resource section in the back of the book. Open these pages together and see where the adventure takes you!"

-- "Green Teacher"

"If you are looking for a practical book that can teach your children about nature in an engaging, hands-on way, then you should get a copy of "Wild Days: Outdoor Play for Young Adventurers" by Richard Irvine. This delightful book is packed full of 50+ activities, games, projects, and lessons on how to understand and interact more with nature. The games section opens with an excellent list of treasure hunt ideas that will keep any child occupied for hours. The impressive thing about this book is just how appealing every single one of the activities is. So many nature-based play books are hit or miss, with a few great ideas interspersed among a bunch of less-interesting ones, but "Wild Days" held my attention and curiosity the whole way through. We all need more wild days in our lives, and this book can help them become a reality."

-- "Tree Hugger"

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