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Royally Engaged by Mindy Killgrove

Royally Engaged by Mindy Killgrove

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New Paperback

Samantha Mulligan won't marry Finnegan Kane, but does she have the fortitude to watch him propose to someone else?

Breakups are tough. The crying that lasts for days, binging on bags of potato chips and boxes of donuts and coping with the knowledge that someday the man who just got away is going to marry someone else can all take a toll. But for Samantha Mulligan, her suffering comes in epic proportions. After splitting from her boyfriend of eight years, Samantha is dealing with her turmoil, trying to figure out what she wants and who she is without him. She still loves him but knows the life he wants and the one she desires aren't cohesive. For Samantha, the heartbreak of letting go of Finnegan Kane, America's Golden Boy, and the Heir to the Kanedy Production Company, is one that'll take eons to get over.

But Samantha doesn't have time to wallow. Just six weeks after ending their relationship, it's announced that Finnegan Kane will be featured on a reality television dating program, Royally Engaged. Scores of women will be competing for the chance to marry Finn and Samantha will be stuck watching it all unfold...unless she decides to get in the game.

Will Samantha join the cast of Royally Engaged and vie for Finn's love and affection? Can she banish her negative thoughts about living a life in the spotlight because this is the only way to be with the man she adores? Or must Samantha suffer in silence because she's forced to watch while the man she loves dates, proposes to, and marries someone else? Find out by reading...Royally Engaged.

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