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How to Stay Invisible by Maggie C. Rudd

How to Stay Invisible by Maggie C. Rudd

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New Hardcover

My Side of the Mountain meets How to Steal a Dog in this high-stakes and heartfelt middle-grade story of a young boy and his dog surviving on their own in the woods.

Raymond Hurley has never had one place to call home. His free-wheeling parents move their family from town to town, and he's living in a trailer in a brand-new state when one day, they just up and abandon him. He is completely alone. With only his reliable old dog Rosie for comfort and company, Raymond makes his home in a cramped hollow tree in the woods near his school. He scrapes by and doesn't tell anyone his secret. But as he starts to make new friends, including a curious coyote, his situation becomes harder to hide . . . and his survival will depend not just on his wilderness skills, but on the people and animals he chooses to trust.

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