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Marissa James

Hot Shot: An Orlando Storm Novel by Marissa James

Hot Shot: An Orlando Storm Novel by Marissa James

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New Paperback

An NHL rookie.

A baker not looking for love.

And the secret that could break them.

Moving to Orlando was supposed to be about starting over. Figuring out a new life plan. One that didn't involve a relationship.

Then my car broke down and Hunter Rhodes showed up. He walked right up to my car, saw me climbing into the back seat, and caught a glimpse of my panties.

I promised myself I'd never fall for a professional athlete again, especially a hockey player.

But I can't resist Hunter's sweet and caring nature or the fact that he's effortlessly sexy. It messes with my heart and my willpower. Before I know it, I'm considering stepping out of the kitchen and taking a chance.

Even if I have a secret that could ruin us.

Tropes: Sports, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Age Gap (she's older). Intended for audiences 18+, contains mention of death of family members, difficult family relationships/dynamics, and parental abandonment.

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