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Akil. O Smith

Alam: Beginnings by Akil O. Smith (Signed) hardcover

Alam: Beginnings by Akil O. Smith (Signed) hardcover

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New hardcover

It Was Shawn and Tiyshio Against the World... Until One Fatal Decision Changes Everything


Intrigue and adventure await you in Alam Beginnings, a thrilling science fiction novel set in the mid-80s.


As a young boy, Shawn was devastated by his mother's death. Now she's back, leaving him with more questions than answers.

Immediately thrown into an unpredictable world of fear and mistrust, Shawn's only constant source of comfort seems to be his best friend Tiyshio, who bears the mark 'Alam' and is sought after by the Rigion people. When terrifying circumstances expose Shawn's mother's true identity as a Rigion, an unexpected chain of events is set in motion.

Paranoia of his mother's findings plagues Shawn and how they intertwine with his mother and those close to him. Tiyshio believes Shawn is being groomed for something greater, and wants to stop it before it's too late. The only question left on Shawn's mind is, who can he trust?

Alam Beginnings will take you on a journey with these two boys amid warring races — the truth will be revealed, loyalties will be tested and an insane adventure awaits. With its whirlwind twists and turns, Alam Beginnings bridges together readers who love science fiction entertainment in a way that is sure to keep them on the edge of their seat.

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