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Masks and Mirrors by Kate Moseman (West Side Witches #2)

Masks and Mirrors by Kate Moseman (West Side Witches #2)

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New Paperback

Through an enchanted Mirror, lies the Forest of Emeralds.

Saving the fae realm was never going to be a walk in Central Park. But when a mysterious fire erupts at the restaurant, and Zelda's newly transformed ex-boyfriend manages to get himself into even more trouble, it's about to get more complicated than a seven-layer sandwich.

With the help of Jester the mini poodle, Poppy the fire witch, a charming fae prince, and an unlikely crew of vampires-and maybe even nutty Aunt Belinda visiting from Florida-Zelda must follow a trail of mysterious magic through otherworldly dimensions and bring the fae realm back to life once and for all.

This book was previously published as Undercover Royal.


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