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The Shadow of the Pomegranate by Jean Plaidy

The Shadow of the Pomegranate by Jean Plaidy

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Pre-Loved Book - Great Condition

306 pages


A deliciously atmospheric, moving and evocative historical novel from multi-million copy and international bestselling author Jean Plaidy - perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory.

'Plaidy excels at blending history with romance and drama' -- 
New York Times
'Full-blooded, dramatic, exciting' - Observer
'Easy to read and hard to put down' -- ***** Reader review
'A compulsive, enjoyable and interesting read' -- ***** Reader review
'If you like history, and/or historical fiction, Jean Plaidy is the one for you. She has a knack for pulling you right into the story straight away' -- ***** Reader review


The young King Henry VIII spends his time basking in the pageants and games of his glittering court - all the while, his doting queen's health and fortunes fade. Henry's affection for his older wife soon strays, and the neglected Katherine decides to use her power as Queen to dangerous foreign advantage.

Overseas battles play on Henry's volatile temper, and his defeat in France has changed the good-natured boy Katherine loved into an infamously callous ruler.

With no legitimate heir yet born, Katherine once again begins to fear for her future...

The Tudor saga continues in The King's Secret Matter.

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