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The Forbidden Wolf King by Leia Stone

The Forbidden Wolf King by Leia Stone

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From USA Today bestselling author Leia Stone comes the final installment in the Kings of Avalier series, an exciting fantasy romance packed with romance, betrayal, and devastating battles.   Zara is one of the fiercest women in her wolf pack, so it should make sense that the Wolf King would summon her to compete in the deadly Queen Trials. Except…Zara knew the King when he was just Prince Axil. When he was asking her to dance at summer camp, when he was vowing one day they'd marry, and when his older brother humiliated her and Axil left her and every promise he ever made her.  Now, Zara seeks revenge. She agrees to participate in the Queen Trials, knowing that the only two outcomes are marrying King Axil and spending the rest of her life making him regret ever leaving her, or death. But when she arrives, King Axil is different than she expected, and he begs her to believe it was never his choice to abandon her.  Zara must fight for her life in order to see what could be between them now, but all the while there is an enemy in their midst and a war on the border that could overturn the world as they know it.  

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