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The Eyes Behind the Violin: Finding my True Identity by Kyeni Matee

The Eyes Behind the Violin: Finding my True Identity by Kyeni Matee

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One incident changed her life forever, but for the better. The Eyes Behind the Violin is a thought-provoking memoir about the trials and repeated traumas of a young girl that went unaddressed until her adulthood years. Not having the tools to deal with those struggles on her own, the memories and pain of those experiences were hidden away, deep in her subconscious, until an event in her adulthood brought all the painful memories to the surface, speaking their truth out loud.Kyeni Matee invites us along on her journey of re-living the struggles of her past, brought forth from the consequences of others’ poor choices. The manifestations of these consequences are seen throughout her story, in the forms of her low self-esteem and an under-developed sense of self-worth. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share her story shows us the importance of experiencing trials in our lives, and the strengthening power that can be obtained through those experiences. As she walked through her trials, she was able to discover the light of her true identity and understand that God was always there by her side.

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