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Taming The Fire Within: Life After War by Anne Freund

Taming The Fire Within: Life After War by Anne Freund

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This book explains in a down to earth fashion why most combat veterans feel and act the way they do. Dr. Freund discusses everything from anger to emotional detachment to nightmares to hypervigilance. She also uses the photographs to demonstrate the universal and natural reactions most people who have been through war experience. This book explains why combat veterans usually avoid crowds or lines, why they get so angry while driving in traffic, why their family members often describe them as emotionally distant, the purpose of nightmares, flashbacks, anniversary reactions, grief, and much more. Most war veterans don't talk about their experiences so many think they are the only one who feels or thinks this way. It's time to break the silence and talk about the cost of war to the individual warriors and their families. You owe it to yourself and your family to buy this book!

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