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Slice of Mallow by Adam Foreman

Slice of Mallow by Adam Foreman

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New Hardcover

Slice of Mallow is a funny and delightful graphic novel with three bite-sized stories! Dive into Mallow's world, where Mallow and his friends meet a ghost, visit space, and use a time machine, all complete with an adorable art style and cheeky humor.

Meet Mallow—he’s an excitable yet pessimistic marshmallow in a big world. In this laugh-out-loud funny graphic novel, Mallow goes on three fun, slice-of-life adventures with his friends Pizza, Ghost, Potato, and Doughnut. 

Readers will love laughing along with Mallow and his antics in this adorable book that’s just right for readers beginning their graphic novel journeys. With bold, colorful art and three bite-sized chapters, this graphic novel based on a popular webcomic will appeal to fans of 
SpongeBob SquarepantsAdventure Time, and Pizza and Taco.

"A funny read packed with flavor!" - Eric Geron, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Fry Guys

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