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Chelsea Curto

Road Trip to Forever by Chelsea Curto

Road Trip to Forever by Chelsea Curto

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New Paperback

Two best friends. A road trip that changes everything.

Lola Jones has been given the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to show her designs at the Florida Fashion Show. When she enlists her best friend, Patrick Walker, to go on a road trip down to the Sunshine State with her, she never expects sparks to fly between them. All this time with him makes her realize he’s less like the boy she’s known for twenty-four years, and more like the man of her dreams.

Patrick Walker is in love with his best friend. He knows it. His friends know it. But she has no idea. He’s watched Lola date other people, always just out of his reach. A road trip with small hotel rooms, shared sleeping bags, and surprises up and down the east coast seems like the perfect time to tell her how he feels. He’d do anything for Lola, even if it means breaking his heart in the process.

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