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Parenting Anxious Kids: Understanding Anxiety in Children by Age and Stage by Regine Galanti PhD

Parenting Anxious Kids: Understanding Anxiety in Children by Age and Stage by Regine Galanti PhD

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The complete CBT-based guide for parenting kids with anxiety

Do you suspect your child may have anxiety? While it's normal for children of all ages to experience fears and worries, if your child's anxiety interferes with their daily life, it's time to get some help. Parenting Anxious Kids is an accessible, research-based guide for parents that is filled with actionable steps to help your child conquer their anxiety―and a must-have parenting tool in a world where kids' anxieties and fears are increasing.

Utilizing clinically proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, Parenting Anxious Kids provides parents with the tools they need to support their children without asking them to become their kids' therapist. Author and clinical psychologist Regine Galanti guides parents to help their children grow into resilient, independent, and healthy adults. This book includes:

* A guide to childhood anxiety based on developmental stages
* Assessments to help parents differentiate unhealthy and problematic anxiety from normal, transitional anxiety
* CBT skills related to parenting styles that foster brave, well-adapted children
* Guidance on how parents can support brave behavior as early as toddlerhood, including how to model positive approaches to anxiety
* And more!

Anxiety in children is manageable ―the most important thing is to get started right away so your child doesn't miss out on relationships, activities, and all the things that make being a kid fun! Parenting Anxious Kids is the perfect resource to help your child become their best self and learn how to manage anything life throws their way.

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