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Line of Fire by A.K. Evans

Line of Fire by A.K. Evans

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Pre-Loved Paperback


That’s how Kaia Banks spent the better part of her childhood. Raised by an abusive father, Kaia relied on her older sister to keep her safe.

But Kaia’s all grown up now. And when her relationship places her in the line of fire, Kaia takes matters into her own hands.

Remi Archer is no stranger to surprise. As part-owner of Archer Tactical, it’s his job to prepare himself and others for unpredictable situations.

Unfortunately, no amount of training will prepare him for Kaia.

When the gorgeous woman requests he train her, Remi can’t say no. But once Remi uncovers the truth about why Kaia needs to defend herself, he realizes it’s the moment he’s been preparing for his entire career.

And he’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman who has stolen his heart.

In a nutshell: A woman determined to prove she can protect herself and a man who teaches her how. Packed with action and adventure, this small-town romantic suspense is sure to give you all the feels. Available in digital, paperback, and audio format, this romance series is sure to have you listening right until you reach the end.

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