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Tommy Nelson

Evan Miller Is Waking Down: A Dreambending Novel by Jerel Law

Evan Miller Is Waking Down: A Dreambending Novel by Jerel Law

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What if dreams were dangerous? What if your strongest abilities made you a fugitive? Tweens and middle grade readers who enjoy dystopian and fantasy fiction will be pulled into a world of secrets, control, and power in this novel from Jerel Law, the author of the Jonah Stone: Son of Angels series.

In City 47, uniformity is celebrated, individuality is stamped out, and the Elders who run the government demand strict obedience to an ancient writing called the Primary Code. It's been like this ever since the Incident. Fifteen-year-old Evan Miller has an increasingly disruptive secret--a powerful ability that has attracted the attention of the Elders. When disguising himself as ordinary is no longer an option, he's forced to flee to the place he fears the most. What will he discover about the true past of City 47, the Elders, and himself in the forbidden Old City?

Evan Miller Is Waking Down: A Dreambending Novel

* explores the power of dreams and the cost of conformity;
* encourages readers to be themselves and pursue the truth; and
* is perfect for fans of The City of Ember, supernatural fiction, and mysteries.

Older children 11 to 14 will dream, question, and find power within their own gifts as they follow Evan's journey from typical teen to revolutionary for truth.

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