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Broken Flames by M.K. Ahearn

Broken Flames by M.K. Ahearn

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New Paperback

In a world divided by elemental abilities, four kingdoms have rarely known peace.Koraine always dreamed of seeing the world, and escaping the confines of Morwen, the water kingdom she grew up in. Finally that wish was coming true. Except at a price. She was being forced to marry the prince of their rival kingdom, Abelon the kingdom of fire.Bellamy always knew one day he would become king. He spent every day trying to prove himself as prince to a father with impossible expectations. Never once had he questioned the king's demands. Until his marriage was announced. Being forced to marry a nobleman's daughter from his rival kingdom had never been a part of his plan.With war on the horizon, the pair must first survive the months of traditions leading to their impending marriage. The more they resist and try to fight the inevitable, the harder they find it to deny the feelings buried deep in their hearts.
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